Vicken Derderian | VICKEN DERDERIAN

Vicken Derderian born and raised in Pasadena, CA, graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-ARC) and later returned to academia to receive his Master of Fine Arts in Fashion from the Academy of Art University (AAU), in San Francisco, CA. where his final collection was show chosen to be shown at MBZ NYFW. AAU is also where he met his design partner Kyung Hwa Kim who was also pursuing her Master of Fine Arts degree. He has had the opportunity to work in the field of Architecture and later worked as a member of the BCBG Runway and Atelier team. 

His approach to design is at the synthesis of fashion and architecture. The union of these two professions has opened the door to exploring the topography and the dynamics of the human body in motion and at rest channeled through the construction of the garment. Further it presents an opportunity for discourse between the garment, the human body, and the space/environment that encapsulates the wearer and the spectator. This exploration allows him to bring items that express the world around us through shape, form and texture.

The fashion brand VICKEN DERDERIAN is an intimate architecture built upon and for the body with luxurious materials and unparalleled craft. From its inception the studio/brand has been about utilizing multidisciplinary design, thought, and process to create garments and products that inspire and instill confidence without compromising quality and design ethics. Both designers Vicken and Kyung each bring their signature voices to the collection, which together provide a palate of form, color, texture, finish, and handwork. The brand has participated in multiple Runway shows during LAFW and has received press coverage from multiple news organizations such as WWD, Los Angeles Times, and had the honor of being featured on the cover of California Apparel News twice.