Nelly Aghababyan | THEMIS

"Bright, bold, knows no boundaries, colourful, elegant, distinctive, self-confident, not afraid to show the true colours of its soul, provides a unique way for self-expression, accepts the peculiarities of every individual, goes beyond borders, but never out of fashion" this is how one of the brightest brands in Armenia is presented. THEMIS’s slogan is"don't be afraid to show the true colours of your soul".

Founded in 2021 THEMIS is one of the unique "made in Armenia" brands, which, in a very short period, became different and stood out with its special DNA and during its two-year history managed to present four collections. The most important feature of THEMIS is its unique patterns, which are created and developed by the designer to provide individuals with the opportunity to express themselves. The founder and designer of THEMIS is Nelly Aghababyan, who holds a PhD in jurisprudence. THEMIS brand name is directly related to the designer's first profession. THEMIS, being the goddess from Greek mythology, personifies law, justice and wisdom. She is depicted blindfolded with a scale in her hand. Since THEMIS was blind, all her decisions were made based
on her inner voice. Fashion has always been Nellie's calling, and in her works, she relies blindly on her inner voice, inner world, like THEMIS. The designer pays meticulous attention to details with a deep understanding of patterns, colours and silhouettes which enables her to create Avangard, Dandy, City Chic, and Color Bloch style clothes that evoke emotions and make a statement.

During its fashion show at Yerevan Fashion Week “THEMIS” presented two collections: MOTOWN - the all-time classic collection with a new touch, and the new one named “MIRAGE”. For the creation of “MOTOWN” the designer Nelly Aghababyan has been inspired by a soul music genre, popular in 1960s – “Motown Sound”. “Motown” has had a considerable contribution to the struggle against racism and raising the level of representation of black artists in music world. Inspired by the music, art and artists of the time, “THEMIS” has created a collection for the modern world with a fresh touch of modern trends and accents. The collection “Mirage” presented “THEMIS” in a new light, from another angle and perspective. The ornaments in the collection look like shapes beyond horizon – a mirage: these shapes create a mirage of constant motion, lightness and emotional tension at the same time, where one, diving in the infinity can discover waves, ribbons, flowers, human silhouettes.