Sustainability issues in fashion industry

22nd February, 2020

Tackling sustainability issues in Armenian fashion and textile industry

The campaign has been initiated to raise awareness about the existing environmental issues that are directly or indirectly connected to the fashion and textile industry: loss of biodiversity/usage of leather, fur, recycling/plastic pollution, cancer causes, cruelty/hunting, water pollution.  

The fashion industry ranks third among the world's industries that pollute the environment. Unfortunately, this topic hasn't been discussed as much as the positive aspects of the industry. More often, beautiful women star in commercials wearing luxury clothes, but they don't show the other side of the coin where the fashion industry causes environmental issues. Unfortunately, even in the 21st century, child labor, slavery, unfavorable working conditions, unsatisfactory wages, and employee violations are still common. Every minute a truck of textile waste is discarded into landfills. To raise awareness about the pressing issues in Armenia, the Fashion and Design Chamber of Armenia with the RA Ministry of Environment initiated this project. We have researched the challenges Armenia faces today and decided to present them through visuals, photography, and film. To present these challenges visually, designers collaborated with the creative team of Galleria projects and Make-up Studio led by Hranush Yeghoyan. We hope that this campaign will have a positive impact on the public conscience.